The Company

CAPARROS EXTINTORES S.A.U. was created in June 1983 under the initiative of its founder D. JOSE CAPARROS, with more than 25 years of experience within the fire sector, with its share capital cent per cent national.dibujobombero


CAPARRÓS EXTINTORES S.A.U. is a manufacturer of fire extinguishers, no. 7, we are entitled as a Maintenance Company of Fire Protection for the Comunidad de Madrid with number MPCI-99.
CAPARRÓS EXTINTORES S.A.U. has implemented and applies a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements laid down in ISO 9001:2008.
We hold the Certificate of Classification of Consultants and Services Companies in order to carry out the operations we have done so far with various Ministries and Official Agencies (NATO approval).


CAPARRÓS EXTINTORES S.A.U, has delegates in all regions of Spain, and can handle any order anywhere in Spain, in a short period of time.